When will I need to repay my loan?

You must repay your loan (including interest) by your agreed repayment date. If you are due to repay your loan in instalments, each instalment payment must be made on time to ensure that you don't accrue additional interest and we don't report any missed payments to the credit reference agency.

You can check your repayment dates, and any repayments you have already made, by logging in to your online cashasap.co.uk account. You can also find your repayment dates and amounts in your loan agreement.

We will remind you of all upcoming repayments by text and by email three days and one day before each repayment is due.

If you have to change any of your repayment dates, please refer to your cashasap.co.uk account as well as the email correspondence that you will have received from us to confirm your amended repayment dates. Please ensure that the new dates have been fully confirmed and check your reminder texts and emails. If you have any queries, please contact us via the Contact Form or by email at info@cashasap.co.uk.

Our automated attempt to collect your repayment will take place early in the morning. If our collection attempt is rejected, we will notify you on the morning of your repayment date. You still have until the end of the day to make your loan repayment, without any extra charge, and this will not be classed as a late or missed payment. However, if there are any issues with collecting your repayment, you must contact us as soon as possible on your agreed repayment date so that we can help you resolve the issue before the repayment becomes overdue.

If you’re making your repayment by bank transfer, we must receive your payment by the end of the day on your agreed repayment date. Please note that interest will continue to accrue if we do not receive your loan repayments on time.


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