Can I use my credit card to pay my loan?

No — unfortunately it is not possible to repay your payday loan or instalment loan by using a credit card.

When it is time to repay your loan, we will collect your agreed loan repayments from your currently registered debit card. This will be the debit card you registered when you made your application, unless you later log in to your online account and add a new debit card. Your repayment amount will be your agreed repayment amount, minus any early repayments that you may have made. You can also repay any of our short term cash loans in advance of your scheduled repayment dates by logging in to your account via our website and following the 'Repay Now' link. There are no fees for repaying your loan early and you may be entitled to a rebate on your agreed repayment amount.

Please make sure that your debit card details are correct and up to date prior to your agreed repayment date, and also that there are sufficient funds in your account to meet your loan repayment.

If you need to add a new debit card, please log in to your account online on the website and click 'Use New Debit Card' at the bottom of the page.

Alternatively, you can make your loan repayment by bank transfer. You can either do this via the 'Repay Now' link of your account or you can contact us directly to request our bank account details and the transfer reference that you would need to use. You can find our contact details here.


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