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WARNING: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

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£ 363.97
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2573 % APR

Representative Example: £175 loan for 19 days at a fixed interest rate of 290% pa. Total amount payable is £201.42 in one single repayment. This is based on the amount of credit plus interest, no other fees apply. Representative 1390% APR

Representative Example: £250 loan for 3 months at a fixed interest rate of 290% pa. Total amount payable is £359.01 in three monthly instalments of £119.67. This is based on the amount of credit plus interest, no other fees apply. Representative 1271% APR

Are you stuck in a situation and really need money before your next payday?

We can offer you a quick and effective solution for your financial needs – an instant payday loan from a direct lender! Our fully online application process means you can get instant cash within minutes of submitting your application form.

What is a payday loan?

A payday loan is an unsecured loan designed to bridge the gap between your paydays. It can help you cover any unexpected costs that might arise and can generally help you out when you find yourself short of cash. A payday loan is a small loan which can be taken out for up to 35 days – typically until your next payday, hence the term payday loans. Payday loans offer quick and easy access to extra cash. They can be a great short term solution, when taken out responsibly, as small loans can sometimes be difficult to find.

It is important to remember though that payday loans are not suitable for long term borrowing and can only provide short term relief as long as you can afford your repayments. At, you can select the amount you want to borrow to the nearest £1, so you will never have to borrow more than you need. We also give you total flexibility over when you repay, as long as it is within 35 days, so you are always in control.

How easy is the application process?

Payday loans

At we do our best to make the process very easy: there is a simple online application form which gives us the details of your address, employment and regular expenditure. The form is accessible 24/7 and you can submit an application for one of our loans at any time that is convenient for you. We carry out ID verification, affordability and creditworthiness checks in the background and give you our decision instantly. If your application met our criteria and your payday loan is approved the money is transferred to your bank account without any delay and the cash can be with you within a few minutes of approval.

When is it best to take out a payday loan?

Quick access to extra money can be valuable in a variety of situations. A common use of payday loans can be for unexpected events which do not fit the usual monthly budget, like urgent car repairs. Many people also borrow to get help with every day essentials, e.g. food shopping or utility bills.

You can apply for a short term cash loan with in any situation but, please, remember to fully consider your personal circumstances and be certain that you will be able to settle your payday loan in 35 days or sooner.

How much money can we provide?

We offer instant payday loans from £100 to £300 to all our new customers. For returning customers, we can offer an increased credit limit of up to £750, subject to our affordability and creditworthiness assessment of the application. Any amount we approve is transferred to your bank account immediately so you have instant access to the cash that you need.

How long can we lend you the cash for?

You can get a payday loan for any period from just 1 day to 35 days. This gives you the flexibility to plan your monthly budget in a way that works best for you giving you full control of your finances. In addition to the flexibility, the short term nature of the loan means that, despite the higher interest rate, the amount of interest you actually pay will not be very large. It costs less than 80p per day to borrow £100 from us.

Remember, the longer the loan period that you choose, the greater the amount of interest that you will need to repay. We would therefore only ever suggest that you borrow for the period of time that you need the loan for and repay it in full as soon as you can afford to do so.

Please make sure you carefully consider your income and expenditure before applying and do not apply for a loan that you knowingly cannot afford. If it will be difficult for you to settle your loan in one repayment, consider using our instalment loan service instead. The multi-month loan spreads your repayment across 3 months, making it more manageable for some people.

Why choose as your payday loan lender?

There are many companies which offer payday loans in the UK, but our service is designed to offer the best deal for our customers because:

We are a direct lender – this guarantees you are not charged any extra costs by intermediaries, such as brokers, and we keep your personal data totally secure on our own dedicated servers.
The application process for our payday loans is completely transparent – unlike other lenders, with us you can see the interest charge and the final repayment amount before you even begin your application.
Our whole process takes place online. You do not need to visit a bank branch or post or email any documents to us to apply for your cash advance.
Our loan transfers are initiated immediately upon approval on a 24/7 basis and our customers can usually access their loan within minutes of approval.
We only ever charge you interest for the number of days that your loan has been outstanding. We encourage our customers to repay their loans earlier if they can afford to do so. You can log into your online account at any time to settle your loan or make partial repayments towards your balance in advance of your scheduled repayment date.

In summary we offer you a fully online process that gives you maximum flexibility and complete control. We know our customers value a fast and efficient service that can only be provided by a direct lender so if you need a loan today you should know that you can always count on us to deliver the service you want.

Can I postpone the repayment period for a later date?

We work with each customer individually and we understand that not everything always goes according to plan. The sooner you contact us the more we can do to help you repay your loan in a way that you can afford while minimizing the impact of any missed payments on your credit history.

What are the minimum criteria to apply for a payday loan with

Our goal is to help people who need to find money quickly but there are some conditions that you need to consider first before you submit your application. Our decision to lend you cash is based on multiple factors with the following minimum requirements that you need to meet for us to be able to consider your application for a payday loan:

Our decision to lend you cash is based on multiple factors, with the following minimum customer requirements:

  • you must be aged 18 years or over
  • you must have a UK bank account with a linked debit card
  • you must be in full or part-time employment
  • you must live in the United Kingdom

You will also need a working mobile phone and an email address to complete your application.

We will use the information you provide in your application form together with information from a credit reference agency to assess your application. If your payday loan application is approved, we will initiate the loan transfer to your nominated bank account immediately

Please remember: although payday loans can offer quick access to cash, they can only be a temporary solution to your cash flow problems. Using payday loans on an ongoing basis can cause serious financial difficulties.