Our Approach

We are dedicated to ensuring that we act responsibly when lending to our customers. We believe in treating our customers fairly and with respect. It is our policy to promote the following good practices throughout our business:

  • Transparency
  • Fair practice and fair treatment of customers
  • Provision of honest and accurate information

Pre Loan

We are open and honest in providing our customers with clear and easy to understand information, explaining all of the key information about cashasap.co.uk loans and contract terms (including rates and charges) before processing their applications.

It is important for us that our customers can repay any cashasap.co.uk loan that they apply for not just on time but also in a sustainable manner. To do that we verify the information that the customers give us against a variety of sources, including carrying out a check with a credit reference agency.

To make sure any cashasap.co.uk loan that you apply for is suitable for your circumstances you must provide us with true and accurate information when you fill out your application form. This helps us ensure we do not provide credit which is unsuitable for your circumstances and may not be affordable. If you do decide to borrow money from us, please note that cashasap.co.uk loans are not suitable for long term credit and therefore please do not apply for one of our loans if you think you will be unable to repay it in full on your agreed repayment date.

During and After the Loan

We never take, or attempt to take, payments from a customer’s account on dates other than those agreed with the customer or for a different amount than agreed in the loan agreement (unless we have expressly agreed this with the customer).

We do not charge or discourage customers from repaying some or all of their loan early. The My Account section of our website clearly shows how to settle your cashasap.co.uk loan before the agreed repayment date and how any partial repayment is going to affect your total amount payable.

We expect you to repay your cashasap.co.uk loan with the interest on your agreed repayment date. However if you decide that you would like to extend the term of your loan you must contact us in advance to notify us that you would like to do so. In that case we may consider granting you an extension to your loan, known as a “rollover”. Our decision will be based on our assessment of the change in your circumstances that prevented you from repaying your loan on the original repayment date.

Customers who experience financial difficulties will be treated with due consideration. If your circumstances have changed we will work with you to help you repay your cashasap.co.uk loan in a manageable way. We will look at all of the options available and will act proportionately given the amount of the outstanding balance and the change in your circumstances.