Can I move my loan repayment dates?

Please note that we do not offer "rollovers" on our loans. However, if you need help with rescheduling your repayments, we will be happy to discuss your options with you.

If you think that you will be unable to repay your loan on your due date, please contact us as soon as possible before your repayment date. If you do not contact us before your repayment date, any default fees which have become payable will still be charged – please see "What happens if I don't repay my loan (and any other amounts due to us) on time?".

If you contact us in good time, we may let you repay your loan at a later date (but we do not have to do so). We will consider the position on a case by case basis. We will consider the circumstances that are preventing (or have prevented) you from making your repayment on time and how moving your repayment dates would help you settle the loan.

If you’re experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties that are preventing you from making your loan repayments, please be assured that we will work with you to help you repay your loan in a way that you can afford while minimizing any negative impact that a late payment may have on your credit file.


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