Continuous Payment Authority

Our use of Continuous Payment Authority (CPA)

A loan must be repaid in one full amount on the agreed repayment date. We use a continuous payment authority to collect the payment from your debit card.

We will send you reminders three days and one day before your repayment is due to remind you of your repayment day and the amount that we will be collecting from your card. If our attempt to collect the payment fails we will notify you of this failure and will let you know that we will be making another attempt to collect the amount due on the following day.

Unless we have explicitly agreed to collect the repayment on a different payment schedule, we:

  • never attempt to collect an amount that is different to the total amount payable.
  • never make more than one attempt to collect the payment on each of the two agreed dates.
  • never attempt to collect a payment on a day that is not one of the two agreed dates.

You can make full or partial repayments at any time using the Repay Now functionality in the View Currently Outstanding Loan section of My Account.

Your right to cancel CPA

You have the right to cancel your CPA at any point in time. You can notify us of your wish to cancel the CPA by phone, email or post.

Please note it remains your responsibility to repay your loan in full and on time even if you cancel the CPA.