How can I change the debit card I repay my loan with?

When the time comes to repay your short term cash loan, we will collect your agreed repayment from the debit card that you registered when you applied for your loan. We use continuous payment authority (CPA) to collect your loan repayments and it is important that your debit card details are correct and up to date so that we can collect your repayment on time and your account does not become overdue.

If you need to change your registered debit card details that you would like us to collect your repayment from, please log in to your account on the website and click Update Card Details. You will be able to see the last 4 digits and the expiry date of your currently registered debit card when you log in to your account.

Please note that there are no fees for updating your debit card details, however as stated during your loan application, £1 may temporarily be reserved by your card issuer as part of the verification checks. This amount will be released by your card issuer at a later date in line with their own policies and procedures.

You should also ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account to make your repayment to make sure you repayment attempt is not rejected by your bank even after you have successfully updated your card details.


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