Short Term Payday Loans

WARNING: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

How much would you like to borrow:

How long would you like it for?
3 months
6 months

Your monthly repayments are:

Total amount to be repaid:
Annual percentage rate:
  % APR

Representative Example: £200 loan for 6 months at a fixed interest rate of 290% pa. Total amount payable is £359.71 in monthly instalments of £74.65, £71.73, £64.05, £58.76, £49.75 and £40.77. This is based on the amount of credit plus interest, no other fees apply. Representative 1266.9% APR

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Are you looking for a solution to an unexpected financial problem? At we offer short term loans online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So whenever you need us, we’ll be here to help you.

What is a short term loan?

A short term loan is a small cash advance that allows you to borrow up to £750 if you are a returning customer and up to £400 if it's the first time you're applying. It can be repaid on your payday or spread across 3 to 6 monthly repayments if that better suits your budget and your personal circumstances.

A smiling lady choosing between a £300 and a £750 loan

Our short term cash loans let you borrow the exact amount that you need down to the £, subject to your credit limit.

We operate a fully online service that is open 24/7 and all applications for our cash loans must be submitted online via our application form.

When might you need to use this type of credit?

Our unsecured short term loans offer you cash for a short period and can be a good way to smooth out unexpected or lumpy expenses which can otherwise cause considerable disruption to your finances.

Where can you get a short term loan?

Short term credit can come in various forms. Sometimes simply asking family or friends to help you out until your next payday is the best option. At the same time, we understand that not everyone has access to the Bank of Mum and Dad or that people may simply prefer to keep their finances to themselves and look for extra cash independently.

You may consider a short term loan from a bank, however some do not offer loans for less than £1,000 or loans for less than a year. Access to credit is very important in today’s world but needs to be used responsibly. Only borrow when and what you need to avoid paying any unnecessary interest charges.

You can also consider an overdraft. There are two types of overdrafts — arranged and unarranged. Unarranged overdrafts can be very expensive and since the same price capping regulations do not apply as for high cost short term loans, using an unarranged overdraft can end up costing you a lot more than an online loan from a direct lender. You can contact your bank to try to arrange an overdraft facility but this can take time and you can't shop around to ensure you're getting a good deal.

If you already have a credit card you may be able to ask for a cash transfer to your bank account, depending on the terms and conditions of your card. The rates that credit card providers charge for cash transfers can be significantly higher than their standard rate and you may be charged interest on any cash transfers straightaway.

However, many people simply do not have access to these types of credit.

The good news is that there are a number of online lenders who offer an easy online application process and fast access to short term cash.

At we always aim to deliver the highest level of customer service together with our market leading product that offers you a choice of loans to best suit your needs.

What types of short term loans do we offer?

At you can choose the type of loan which is most convenient for you.

  • payday loan — instant short term credit for a period of 1 to 35 days with a single repayment date;
  • multi month loan — a cash loan that is repaid over three to six separate instalments, each a monthly pay cycle apart.

How long do we lend for and what is the interest rate?

The maximum period for repayment is over 6 monthly instalments. You can settle your loan ahead of your scheduled repayment date(s) at any time that is convenient for you and you may be eligible for a reduction in interest that you need to pay which will be calculated in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Credit (Early Settlement) Regulations 2004.

The maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of our short term loans is 1,722% APR. This is based on the amount of credit plus interest at a fixed rate of 290% pa, no other fees apply.

Why choose a short term loan with

Our goal is to help people when they need it, so we strive to offer the most trouble-free, straightforward service to our customers:

A silhouette with a money sign in front We are a direct lender, which means that we make all of our lending decisions ourselves.
A bag with a money sign hidden in it Our online short term loans do not have any hidden costs.
A stopwatch As a customer, you can take out a loan at any time, subject to approval – including over bank holidays, weekends and outside of normal working hours on weekdays.
A percentage sign inside a blue circle We offer the option of online early repayment on all of our short term loans.

One of the most convenient things about is how quickly we can approve your application. If you need money as soon as possible, our same day loans offer you the quick cash that you need.

How do I apply for a short term online loan from

It's simple - please select the first repayment date and the loan amount that you require above and fill in our application form. Once you've done that, we will review your application in a matter of minutes and if it meets our lending criteria and passes our affordability and creditworthiness, we will initiate the transfer of your short term online cash loan strightaway directly to your nominated bank account.

Money changing hands from the lender to the borrower

To use the service, you must meet a few minimum requirements:

  • you must be 18 years or over
  • you must live in the UK
  • you must be in full or part-time employment
  • you must have a UK bank account with a linked debit card

We value your privacy and we never ask you for more information than we need to make an accurate and responsible lending decision.

Just remember that loans are not suitable for long term borrowing. There is a relatively high cost of borrowing attached to short term credit, compared to traditional and/or longer term loans.

An exclamation mark inside a triangle Please do not apply for a short term loan if you know or you suspect that you may not be able to repay it on the agreed repayment date.

How to get further information about your application or your loan?

You will know the outcome of your application as soon as you complete your application form and we will send you an email to confirm our decision.

If your application is successful, funds can be in your account within 15 minutes of approval. If we were unable to approve your application, we will explain our reasons for our decision and tell you about the steps that you can take if you want us to reconsider your application on a different basis.

You can log into your account at any time that is convenient for you if you would like check your balance, payments that you have made or make a full or partial repayment towards your short term loan or if you need to update any details, such as your debit card details or your email address. We accept payments by debit card or bank transfer.

If you have an unexpected change in circumstances that may prevent you from making your agreed loan repayments, please contact us straightaway so that we can help you.

What happens after your short term loan is repaid?

As we said above, we value your privacy and take care of your data. A record of your application will be kept for regulatory purposes, but we will not sell any of your account details to any third parties.