What is a cashasap.co.uk loan?

A cashasap.co.uk loan is a small unsecured same day loan which can help you bridge the gap between your paydays. There are two types of cashasap.co.uk loans – a payday loan that is repayable in one single payment and a Multi Month Loan that needs to be repaid in three to six monthly instalments.

Our payday loan lets you repay the amount you borrowed on your next payday – or any day that suits you, within a 35 day period, and our Multi Month Loan lets you spread out your repayments across three to six months. As long as you repay your loan in line with your loan agreement there are no additional fees or charges for any of our loans. You repay just the amount you borrowed together with the loan interest.

A cashasap.co.uk loan is intended to cover short term cash requirements and expenses. This may be to fix a broken dishwasher, buy a train season ticket for your new job or pay for your rent if you left yourself short that month. The application form is simple and we transfer the loan within 15 minutes of your application being approved.

At cashasap.co.uk we want to help you feel at ease with your finances in periods where cash is tight because we understand that not everything always goes according to plan. However, a cashasap.co.uk loan is not a form of sustainable income, so if you are worried about your finances, there are several impartial debt advice services available from other sources.


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