How will I receive my loan?

Once you have finished the application process and you have been approved for a short term loan, we will transfer your requested loan amount into the bank account that you nominated in your application form.

For this reason, it is very important that you check your bank account number and sort code in your application form as providing incorrect bank account details will cause a delay to your loan transfer time. If we are unable to transfer your loan due to the bank account details provided being invalid then we will contact you via email asking you to confirm the correct details. Please note, уour account number is an 8-digit number and your sort code should be a 6-digit number.

Usually, our transfers take around 15 minutes regardless of whether it’s a bank holiday or weekend as we use the faster payments service (FPS). We understand that you may need an instant loan, so we try to transfer the money as soon as possible, however there are some smaller banks which do not support FPS, so unfortunately if you use one of these bank accounts, you may experience a small delay in receiving your loan.

If you do not receive your loan within 2 hours of receiving our approval email, then please get in contact with us at your earliest convenience so that we can investigate the situation further and hopefully resolve it quickly. Sometimes your application may be subject to further verification checks, however usually we just need to re-confirm your bank details.


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