What should I do if I haven't received the text message application code?

You will receive two passcodes once you have submitted your application form. You will receive a text message passcode and an email passcode.

Please check that you have entered your mobile number into the mobile number field (rather than the home phone number field), and that it is checked and correct. Your mobile number should be an 11-digit number starting ‘07’. Please ensure that your mobile phone is turned on and you have available reception for receiving text messages.

The passcodes are a mix of numbers and letters and it is important that you check the digits carefully before entering them into the associated field (often 8s and Bs can get mixed up as well as 0s and Os). To avoid incorrectly entering the passcodes, we would suggest copying and pasting them into the correct field – although we understand this may not be possible for the text passcode if you are applying on a computer. Please note, when copying and pasting any information, sometimes an extra space can be included at the end of the digits so please ensure this space is deleted before continuing with your application as otherwise the passcode will be rejected.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply for a cashasap.co.uk loan without a working mobile phone, and we are unable to send the passcodes manually. We are also unable to send the email passcode by text or the text passcode by email.

Please do not close your application form while you are waiting for the passcodes as the passcodes will become invalid. As each passcode is specific to that one application form, you will have to start the application form process from the beginning in order to obtain new passcodes.

If you have any further queries regarding the passcode process of your application form, or if you have any general queries about the application process and/or short term loans at cashasap.co.uk, you can contact us by telephone (0800 488 0905), you can email us at info@cashasap.co.uk, or you can use our contact us form.


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