What should I do if the application form says my card details are invalid?

There are a couple of common card detail mistakes that we can assist you with. If the application form says that your card details are invalid firstly, don’t be alarmed. Secondly, you’ll need to double check that you are only entering debit card details. This means for, example, that if you’ve entered VISA Electron card details, the application form will not accept that information and you’ll get the message telling you that your card details are invalid.

I’ve done this but it still says my card details are invalid. What do I do now?

If you’ve checked and confirmed that the card information you are entering is for a debit card you need to make sure that the card details that you’ve entered are actually correct and have been typed in exactly as they are shown on your debit card, except for the expiry date which must be entered in the MM/YYYY format.


January 2020 or 01/20 should be entered as 01/2020.

Note that this information is super important as this will be the card that we will collect your repayments from and making an accidental mistake when entering your card information can result in your application being rejected!

Your expiry date is usually printed here. Despite how it is shown in this image, you’ll need to enter your expiry year in full, for example: 11/2020

This is the long card number. You’ll find this on the front of your debit card and it should be 16 digits long.

Circled in red is your security number which is always just the last 3 digits on the back of your card.




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