Loyalty cards and schemes are everywhere. From supermarkets to coffee shops, many of the nation’s favourite brands offer apps and cards to help customers save. To some, keeping track of different schemes sounds frustrating. But using these schemes saves you much more than you might expect.

Today, we’re diving into the best loyalty cards and money saving schemes available to help you save some extra cash. If you're after a penny saving method, these apps will help. Scroll down to learn more.

What Are Loyalty Cards?

Before jumping into the best cards around, we’ll quickly define loyalty cards.

Loyalty cards are issued by retailers or businesses to help customers save while they shop. For example, some allow you to earn points to exchange for products. Others allow you to access members-only discounts. Each loyalty scheme offers money saving benefits to thank customers for making repeat purchases.

So, if you’re loyal to a brand, check whether they offer a loyalty program. It’ll usually be featured on their website, and most now have digital cards and apps instead of plastic cards. Add this to your 2023 savings tips list!

TheBest Loyalty Cards For UK Shoppers

Ready to start saving? Here are some of the places you’ll likely find loyalty cards.


Supermarket loyalty cards are the most well-known on the list, and everybody should use them. Typically, these cards allow you to earn points or offer discounts on specified products. We all buy our essentials and food somewhere, so make sure you’re earning simultaneously.

Popular UK supermarket loyalty cards include Tesco Clubcard, Asda Rewards, MyWaitrose and Lidl Plus.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are also known for their handy loyalty cards. These apps and cards take a “stamp card” basis, where you get a stamp for every drink you buy. Once you hit a specific number of stamps, you can access a free drink.

This is a great money saver for anyone who gets a daily caffeine fix. Popular options include Costa Coffee cards and Cafe Nero app points.

Travel Providers

Loyalty cards aren’t reserved for food and drink purchases. Some travel providers allow you to save while you travel — a must for anyone with wanderlust.

Notably, Hotels.com offers rewards in a tiered reward system. The more you book with them, the more you save on future trips. Some rewards even equal 10% of travel purchases, which is excellent for frequent jet setters.

Retail Shops

Finally, you can look for loyalty cards in the retail sector. From clothing brands to hardware stores, most brands offer points and schemes in 2023. For example, the Boots Advantage Card is an excellent option to save on beauty, toiletries or wellness products.

Next time you go shopping, check the brand’s website or inquire about rewards in-store. You might be missing out on savings!

The Best Loyalty Cards And Beyond

Hopefully, this list has inspired you to get out there and take advantage of loyalty deals. Want more savings hacks and advice? Explore the Cash Asap blog to find expert advice on all things personal finance.