Summer might seem leagues away right now, but it’ll be here in the blink of an eye. It might seem early, but it’s time to start thinking about saving for your summer holiday!

Leaving summer plans until the last minute can ruin your summer — especially if you haven’t left any cash aside for your annual holiday. But this year, we’re on a mission to promote financial literacy with the best saving tips.

Interested in jetting off in 2023? Scroll down for money saving tips now!

Start Researching Now

Unless you’ve had your eye on a holiday spot for a while, you might not know where you want to go this year! This is your sign to start researching tropical spots now.

When trying to save money for travel, you need a clear idea of when and where you want to go. Knowing where you’re headed will inspire you to save money, and you’ll be less likely to splurge. Just imagine yourself on the beach — that impulse purchase won’t seem as fulfilling!

Create A Holiday Budget

Once you’ve decided on a summer holiday location or package, you can create a realistic budget. Budgets usually include flights, accommodation, spending money, and a cash buffer for emergencies. Getting clear on your budget will tell you how much you need to set aside per month and whether you need any online loans to help.

Compare Prices

A savvy shopper is a smart shopper! Don’t purchase the first package you find. Shop around online for the best deals. Money saving is easier with comparison websites. Instead of rushing to the retailer, check out websites like Skyscanner to see which options are more affordable first.

Use Rewards & Sales

Alongside comparison websites, you can also wait for travel sales or use coupons. Big retailers provide annual sales (such as Easyjet’s Big Orange Sale), allowing you to shave off the cost before the peak holiday season arrives. Credit card rewards are another great way to reduce the cost of your travel, so don’t check out before you check your rewards.

Travel In A Group

While we’re all for solo travel, travelling with friends and family is another way to cut the price of your summer holiday. Sharing accommodation and excursion costs often works out cheaper, thanks to group discounts. Short term loans can also help your group with the upfront purchase if needed!

Summer Holiday Saving Tips: The Takeaway

Getting prepared before summer rolls around is always the best way to travel. Airlines and hotels tend to hike prices up, so avoid booking just before you intend to travel. You’ll thank yourself in the future!

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