When you think of budgeting and saving money, what comes to mind?

For many, it’s an image of a life without colour. Fewer meals out, fewer treat purchases and less freedom. While many savings tips include skipping excess spending, you don’t have to put life on hold to create savings. Personal finance doesn’t have to be a joyless hobby!

Today, we’re looking at the top strategies you can implement in your own life. From (slightly) adjusting your lifestyle to changing your money mindset, we’re diving into budgeting advice to help you grow your piggy bank without neglecting your personal life.

Start Negotiating

Negotiating is always recommended when we make big purchases or accept job salaries to get the most valuable deal. This mindset can be transferred to other areas of your life, and you can make some whopping savings by asking the right questions. Negotiating can work with insurance rates, buying from private sellers, home services and more.

Of course, you can’t negotiate in all instances. However, being confident and asking for less often does wonders for your personal finances.

Eat In More

Let’s face it, eating out costs a lot more than cooking at home. However, if you’re on a budget, takeaways and meals are among the first luxuries to go.

But we’re looking at budgeting advice that doesn’t scrimp on lifestyle fun. Instead of sadly staring down at beans on toast, it’s time to embrace your inner chef. Experiment with cooking more, and allow yourself to buy those at-home pleasantries.

Try that new juicer, embrace the luxe spices and motivate yourself to cook. Spending a little more on ingredients is cheaper than dining out, but it still retains its fun.

Embrace Repairs

In our throwaway society, we usually abandon old products when they’re damaged. It feels exciting to buy new things, but these replacements come at a budget-damaging cost.

Swap your mindset to a ‘repair-focused’ lens. From repairing our own shelves to stitching up clothes, you can save a lot of money on DIY fixes before splashing out on expert advice. This way, you can enjoy your item for longer and don’t have to go without until you buy a new one.

However, if you aren’t sure about a fix, don’t rely on a YouTube video! Put your safety first when in doubt.

Shop Smarter

Budgeting advice usually has one major rule — NO SHOPPING. If this makes you wince, we get it. Shopping is fun. However, excess spending is never a good idea, no matter your personal finances.

There are a few secrets to enjoying shopping while sticking to your budget, though. Use coupon finders (like Honey), exclusively shop in sales, or switch to generic brands over name brands. This way, you can treat yourself without overspending. Plus, looking for deals is thrilling, especially when you save up to 50% of the price!

Managing Your Finances

Hopefully, these CashASAP saving tips have inspired you to keep to your budget while still enjoying spending. From searching for savings to renegotiating current costs, you don’t have to cut every aspect of your life to save more.

Who are we? Cash ASAP is an online payday loan provider here to help when unexpected expenses pop up. We make borrowing money quick and easy, but you must consider your own personal finances before signing up (e.g. ensure you can pay loans back on time and in full). Learn more via our FAQ questions here.