Whether you are curious about exploring a frugal lifestyle or want to start saving for Christmas, autumn is the best season for reevaluating your finances.

This period allows you to take stock of your spending and lifestyle choices before the cold weather hits, which is ideal if you want to prepare for the harsher months ahead. It is always better to be prepared for the winter months! Plus, you can use your autumn savings to treat your loved ones at Christmas time. Perfect.

Keep reading to learn the top five reasons you should start saving money in autumn. Now let’s get into it.

1. Get Ahead On Winter Maintenance

We are kicking off the list with an October savings tip that most people forget: Completing winter maintenance preparations before the season arrives. It is never too early to prepare for the colder weather, and this investment in your home will save you large sums of money in the long run.

The aim is to protect your home against the cold weather before it arrives. This includes sealing leaks and draughts, maintaining and assessing your heating system, or insulating your roof. While these adaptations aren’t free, they will lead to substantial energy savings — leaving you with more spare cash at the end of the year.

2. Reevaluate Your Budget

October is a great time to reevaluate your spending habits and budget. Spending a little extra on non-essential expenses in summer is normal, but this can lead to future problems. So, when autumn rolls around, double-check you are still meeting your savings goals and not overspending in any areas.

The ONS found that two-thirds of UK adults are spending less on non-essentials in 2023. So, if you are cutting back, remember you are not alone.

3. Search For Free Seasonal Activities

Adapting your spending habits doesn’t mean you need to forego fun! You can still meet your October savings goals while enjoying free seasonal activities.

Popular and free autumn activities include:

  • Heritage Open Days — Learn about the UK’s history and culture for free.
  • Local fairs and events — Such as the free London-based Bartholomew Fair.
  • Free museums and galleries.
  • Free local parks and open spaces — Ideal if you want to admire the many colours of autumn.

4. DIY Seasonal Decor

If you enjoy decorating your home for each season, this tip is for you. Forget buying the latest interior decor from the shops. Get creative and start making your own.

From making your own seasonal wreaths to creating autumnal paper chains, this will leave your home feeling cosy, minus the extra cost.

Pro Tip: If you have young children, make DIY decor into a day’s activity. Fun, creative and low-cost.

5. Don’t Be Tempted By The Central Heating

The final autumn savings tip is to put off using your heating for as long as possible. Yes, the UK has experienced a heatwave this September, but don’t underestimate how quickly the temperatures can drop.

Instead of spending extra on heating expenses, ride out the cooler months with additional layers, draught stoppers and warm beverages to keep you relaxed in the cold.

However, if you are at risk of any medical conditions and need to use the heating — do it! This tip is up to personal comfort. Additionally, you can check out energy support schemes.

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