With the UK currently dealing with icy weather conditions and snowy temperatures, it’s important to stay warm and cosy in our homes. But with energy prices still sky-high, we need to find ways to keep warm without straining our wallets. So here are some simple tips to keep your home - and you - warm this winter season.

Heat the Person, Not the Home

Rather than turning up the central heating, it’s more cost-effective (and much greener) to heat up the person instead.

Invest in some thermal clothing, such as long johns or vests to wear under your clothes, and a big hot water bottle. You can also purchase thermal gloves and slippers to keep your hands and feet extra snug.

In fact, keeping your feet warm is essential for regulating your body temperature. Once your fingers and toes get cold, it's much harder to get your body to warm up. Layering up with a few extra items of clothing can help keep your body warm and your energy bills low.

Curtains and Rugs

Another great way of keeping your home warm is by investing in thick curtains or rugs that look stylish and act as insulators for your home, blocking out cold air from coming through windows and doors. This is especially useful for rooms exposed to direct sunlight during the day, as these will naturally experience heat loss overnight due to poor insulation. Thicker thermal curtains will help keep the heat inside for longer periods.

Identify and Block Out Draughts

Draughts can cause a huge loss of heat from your home, so it’s important to identify where the cold wind seeps through and block it out using draught excluders or adding strips around door frames if necessary. You can also use letter box covers or foam insulation tape around window frames too if needed - all of which are relatively inexpensive solutions.

These solutions don't just keep the cold air out. They also keep the hot air in so you can keep your house warm for hours on end, making the most of every penny spent on heating costs.

Keep Central Heating On Low

Putting the central heating on low is another easy way of cutting down energy bills while still keeping warm air circulating. Rather than having the heating on full blast throughout the day, try setting it at a lower temperature (around 18-19 degrees Celsius) or even switch it off completely, when you know you won’t be in the house for long periods of time. This will save money on monthly bills whilst still keeping the house warm in the winter months.

If you work from home, you can still keep the central heating on low and use an electric blanket or hot water bottles to stay warm at your desk. It's far more cost effective to heat one blanket than your entire house.

By following some simple steps, such as wearing more layers, investing in thick curtains/rugs, identifying draughts and keeping central heating on low, you can save money whilst remaining comfortable during these cold winter months. Try out these tips in the cold weather and enjoy a warm winter season.