With a cost-of-living crisis and talk of a recession, many UK residents are considering adding a ‘side hustle’ alongside their 9-to-5 careers. This second job allows many to embrace a creative skill and supplement their income with extra cash.

But don’t assume that side hustles are all sunshine and roses. While they are great for some, they are not always as easy as influencers make them seem.

Today, we are looking at burnout and when it is time to quit a side hustle. If you’ve been feeling stressed and unwell while trying to monetize your hobby, this might be the blog for you. Scroll down for more.

What Is Financial Burnout & Why Should You Quit A Side Hustle?

Burnout is defined as a syndrome that leaves you with less energy and efficiency and a feeling of “depersonalisation”. Financial burnout occurs when you experience these symptoms while working or trying to hit an income goal, rather than while studying or working on a non-money-related hobby.

Don’t get us wrong. Side hustles can be excellent additions to your life. They open more doors, help you increase your earnings, elevate your skills, lessen financial stress and help you network with other professionals.

But it is critical to know when to prioritise your health and wellness over your side hustle. Keep reading to see the five signs you should ditch the side hustle.

5 Signs You Need To Take A Break From Your Side Hustle

Whether you are just considering UK side hustles or already working a second job, learn these signs to help you avoid burnout and protect your health.

1. You Are Starting To Hate Your Hustle

Hating your hustle (AKA ‘Passion Fatigue’) is a sure sign you need to step away from it. Not all side hustles have to be your passion, but if you find yourself dreading it, it is a sign that you might want to drop it.

For example, if you are a fashionista suddenly sick of selling clothes on Vinted, it is a sign of second-job burnout.

2. You Are Making Too Many Sacrifices

A side hustle will always take up more of your time. But if it is starting to eat into your social life, fitness routine or sleep, it is a sign that you are making too many sacrifices — especially if you are not getting any rewards or enough money in return.

3. You Are Neglecting Your Job

Your side hustle shouldn’t eclipse your main job. You should only focus more on your side hustle if you are making more money from it or are ready to ditch your career.

4. Your Health Is Declining

Working too hard and experiencing excess stress can lead to negative health impacts. Strengthening your personal finances is important, but no side hustle is worth damaging your mental or physical health.

5. You Are Losing Cash

Finally, you may feel tempted to continue working on your side hustle if you are passionate or have spent much time and money on it. However, if you are not making but losing money, it is time to wrap it up and save your energy and resources for other hobbies.

Knowing When To Quit A Side Hustle - The Honest Takeaway

Side hustles are often glamorised on social media. But the reality of doing more work doesn’t always outweigh the extra cash. Carefully consider whether a second job or hustle is for you before getting involved.

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