For some people, personal finance is an exhilarating hobby. Learning about the stock market, investment strategies and savings methods are all ways to have a good time.

But what happens when you don’t delight in arranging your personal finances? While some relish organising their accounts, others find the process downright frustrating. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. We are here to help.

Today, we’re looking at seven strategies to make personal finances fun. It might sound impossible, but these tips are designed to help you learn about money while enjoying the process.

Ready to get started? Let’s dive into the top finance for beginners tips you need to know.

1. Embrace Personal Finance Apps

In the modern world, there is an app for everything — including your money. Forget spreadsheets and notebooks. Roundup apps are the new favourite in town.

Personal finance apps provide an easy-to-use space to note your income and expenses, allowing you to budget and save without stress. Popular options include Emma, HyperJar and Plum.

2. Chat About Finances With Friends

They say you shouldn’t talk about money with friends. But discussing realistic ways to save money with your mates can make it more fun.

Of course, you don’t have to discuss the specifics of your finances. However, discussing your plans and strategies with friends can motivate you to stick to them. You can also try out loyalty cards and other schemes together — much more interesting than going solo.

3. Try a Visual Plan

Calling all visual learners. We have a technique that will make saving easier than ever.

Create a visual saving tracker to help you pay off debt, increase your savings or simply stay within your budget. Draw a “savings thermometer” (or graph) and fill it in each time you save more money. Easy to make and much more motivating than numbers, and perfect for young adults and teens.

4. Treat Yourself

Personal finance 101 might seem like removing everything you enjoy from your life. But this isn’t true.

Did you know that you can treat yourself while saving? Instead of depriving yourself, allow yourself to “splurge” with a treat whenever you meet a goal. This could be a fancy snack or a small accessory just to make yourself smile.

Don’t get carried away though. Only reward yourself with small purchases to stay on track!

5. Save on the Small Stuff

Do you spend spare change? Or do you save it for a rainy day?

Jam jar budgeting aims to save money by saving up your loose coins. You will be impressed by how quickly these add up. See our full jam jar budgeting guide here.

6. Learn via Podcasts

If you don’t like sitting down and reading for hours at a time, boost your financial literacy with podcasts. These handy audio guides give you the lowdown on personal finance topics without the added eyestrain.

Top picks for beginners include:

  • Money Clinic with Claer Barett
  • The Money Spot Podcast
  • Clever About Cash
  • The Money Ed
  • Financial Wellbeing

Perfect for listening while doing chores or walking.

Enjoy reading? Jump to the finance books for beginners here.

7. Give Yourself Grace

Last but certainly not least, remember to give yourself some grace.

Personal finances aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so pat yourself on the back for tackling them head-on. It might not be your favourite activity, but you will thank yourself in the future for taking the time to learn more.

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