We all know the feeling of the days dragging desperately slowly until your next payday…

(Is it really only a week since I last got paid?!)

Many people have to start counting the pennies that are left until the end of the month, enforcing a strict no-luxuries budget until the longed-for payday comes around again.

So… what happens if all of your cash for the rest of the month is accounted for and suddenly you’re hit with an emergency cost that cannot wait?

Sometimes you don’t have the option of hanging on until payday when you need an immediate resolution to a problem. That’s when you need to know how to get cash fast.

  • I need my car repaired right now, but I don’t have the money!
  • This sudden vet’s bill has taken all of my money for the rest of the week!
  • I need to travel urgently to visit my family, but I can’t cover the cost until next month…

How can i get money fast?

a question markYou might think of turning to Family or Friends, but not wanting to put your loved ones under pressure, especially if they’re stretched for cash too, means a lot of people prefer not to ask for money this way, even when you need money fast. If you know you can resolve the situation by next month, we often prefer not to discuss short-term cash-flow problems with friends as this can be a personal and embarrassing subject.

a second question markIf you really need money quick, you might think about using your bank account’s Overdraft Facility however, especially if you start going into an unarranged overdraft, you can suddenly find hefty charges are added to your balance daily, which can become more expensive than any other credit product on the market.

a third question markCredit cards offer a much more reasonable interest rate and a way to get money quick if you are already in possession of one, however plenty of people find themselves cut off from this type of credit product, usually because your credit rating doesn’t quite match up to the credit card provider’s acceptance criteria.

If you’re worried about acceptance criteria, visit our page on High Acceptance Loans to find out more.



Payday and short terms loans offer the solution to your financial emergencies, such as the scenarios mentioned above, when other options like those suggested are not realistic for you in your circumstances. Luckily, a lender like cashasap.co.uk can help when all you know is: “I need money fast!”

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How much quick money can I get?

We offer loans of £200 to £400 for new customers, although your credit limit can increase up to £750 for returning customers.

How fast does the money go into my account?

Our cashasap.co.uk loans can be transferred immediately on approval – some other companies transfer loans in batches, so you can wait hours before the transfer is even made – and since the transfer is done as a Faster Payment, all major banks should be able to process the money into your account very quickly, usually within about 15 minutes. Read more about our Quick Loans here.

What do I have to do to apply?

You complete our quick application form online which involves entering your personal information like name, address and date of birth and a basic breakdown of your monthly income and expenditure. You’ll then receive security passcodes by email and text message and finally you receive an instant decision on your loan application.

You don’t have to worry about providing additional documents or filling out pages and pages of a detailed questionnaire – not what you want when you’re asking yourself how to get quick money!


Before you even start your application, just adjust the slider or type in the loan amount you need and how long you need the loan for and our website calculates your repayment amount. Make sure you can cover this cost on your payday.
Click here for further information on interest and fees.

Since the interest on your loan will continue to accrue if you don’t repay on time, budgeting carefully for your loan repayment is crucial. Definitely don’t take out your loan and then forget about the repayment even though need money fast.

number threeWILL I BE APPROVED?
To fulfil our basic criteria: you must be in employment, be over 18, have a UK bank account with linked debit card and be a UK resident. We will also perform a credit check to assess the suitability of the requested loan in your circumstances. If you object to our automated decision, you can Contact Us and ask a member of our team to manually review your application.


For a cashasap.co.uk loan if you need money quick – we can send you cash fast!