As the festive season gets closer, you might be making plans to see your loved ones. But travel costs can quickly add up during Christmas, especially if your family lives further away.

Don’t let potential travel costs put you off, though. There are plenty of ways to find affordable travel deals to keep your Christmas money-saving goals on track.

From planes and trains to buses and cars, we are highlighting the top money-saving tips for all journeys. Keep reading to find out how to access cheap UK travel this Christmas. Let’s go!


Are you driving home for Christmas like Chris Rea? Make sure you have the latest tips to keep your costs down on the road. Here are some of our favourites.

  • Ensure your vehicle is well maintained. A healthy car has better fuel efficiency, and there is less chance of an expensive breakdown while you travel.
  • Keep it calm and smooth. Harsh braking and rapid acceleration decrease your fuel efficiency, making you pay for more fuel in the long run.
  • Plan trips effectively. Driving long routes uses more fuel. Use a satnav or pre-plan your routes to keep them short and efficient.


Visiting another country? You will want to know how to save money while travelling by plane. Use these tips to save the pennies on flights.

  • Use miles or points. If you have a travel-friendly credit card, Christmas is the best time to spend your hard-earned points. The Barclaycard Avios credit card is a great option for travellers.
  • Pack light. Packing light might be a nightmare for some, but it can easily reduce your costs. Make some travel savings by swapping your suitcase for hand luggage. It is time to embrace minimalism!
  • Book well in advance. It is no secret that flight prices jump at Christmas. Beat the rush and book as soon as possible for low fees.


UK train fares are notoriously expensive. But you can do Christmas on a budget and travel by train.

  • Travel during off-peak hours. If you book your train tickets outside peak hours, you can easily shave pounds off your tickets.
  • Book group tickets. Some railways offer discounted adult group tickets. This is ideal if you are in a group of three to nine adults.
  • Use relevant railcards. If you frequently use the train, consider purchasing a regional railcard. This will help you save on your Christmas journey and all other train travel.


Buses can also quickly add up. Whether taking a local route or travelling nationwide, ensure you get the best price.

  • Compare prices. Comparison sites allow you to compare bus (and train or flight) prices all in one place. Perfect if you want to find budget-friendly travel.
  • Use a student pass or freedom pass. Depending on your age or enrolment in education, you may be eligible for discounted tickets.
  • Travel at the start of the week. There is more bus demand on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Travelling from Monday to Thursday is often cheaper.

How To Save For Christmas 2023: Travel Takeaway

Whether you are jetting off to see family overseas or taking the bus to see your friends, shop around for deals and use discounts to cut down on your travel costs. Bookmark this article now to come back to these tips!

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