Looking after your personal finances is a vital consideration, and today there are thousands of online tips to explore. But if you want to save money, cashback apps are a tool you need to embrace.

These handy apps help you save while shopping, allowing you to gain rewards or cash when buying your essentials. You can also use them to cut down costs on extra purchases, meaning you can buy those little luxuries without guilt (but budgeted spending and responsible purchasing is always advised).

However, the cashback app market is rather saturated, and knowing which app you should use can be difficult. We’re highlighting everything you need to know about cashback apps before you use them. From how to sign up to factors to look for, you’ll be a money manager app pro by the end of this blog.

How To Use Cashback Apps

Cashback sites and apps partner with retailers, and they reward you with money or discounts when you click through their domain to buy products from associated businesses. Click here for more information on how cashback sites work.

To get started with these money saving platforms, consider reputable websites (e.g. Quidco or TopCashback).

Next, you must make an account and link a debit or credit card. This isn’t required for all sites, but be ready with your card in case of this request.

After verifying your account, you can start browsing associated retailers. After a purchase, the app or website credits your transaction with cashback or alternative rewards.

Cashback Rewards

The most common reward for using a cashback account is cash. This is usually offered as a flat rate for all partnered retailers. However, some vary rates depending on the product/retailer.

Alternative rewards include gift cards or loyalty points that can be exchanged for travel or merchandise.

Choosing a Cashback App

When it comes to personal finances, you must always take your time and research available options. Below are some of the key features you should examine on cashback apps.

  • Retail offerings — The more brands on offer, the more purchases you can earn cashback on.
  • Security — Look for encryption information. Only use apps and websites that protect your financial and personal information.
  • User reviews — Previous user reviews are the best way to get an unbiased perspective.
  • Cashback rates — Some websites offer higher rates than others. Investigate rates on your preferred products.
  • Withdrawal options — Redeeming points and cash is easier on some apps than others. For example, some provide direct deposit cashback, whereas others only allow gift cards.

Use these main categories to assess available cashback websites. Remember, taking time to research now will save you time in the future when you’re enjoying safe cashback rewards.

The Takeaway

Cashback apps offer quick and easy savings while shopping online. However, users should remember these apps work best when paired with responsible shopping that aligns with your budget. Excess spending on these apps might damage your personal finances, so always be responsible and shop as needed.

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